Jason Leavitt is the founder and head of research at LeavittBrothers.net, a boutique research firm that offers market analysis and trading ideas to the financial community. He is also the the creator of Jason Leavitt's Masterclass in Trading.

He's an engineer (BS Illinois, MS Texas) turned bar tender/waiter (Joe's Stone Crab, Legal Sea Foods, Nick's Fishmarket and many others) turned trader. Although he's traded stocks, options and futures, he is mostly a stocks trader.

He was born in the Chicago area and have also lived in Texas, NY, Boston, Costa Rica and now the Denver area. Besides the market, his summers are spent hiking, biking, camping, rock climbing, coaching baseball, shuttling his kids between activities and otherwise exploring the Rocky Mountains, and his winters are spent skiing one of the many world class ski resorts in Colorado.

In his own words, a few other things about Leavitt Brothers...

Do I have a brother?

Yes, but he's not involved with the service. Three weeks before our launch in Sept 2002, he took a position on the floor of the CME in the Eurodollar Options pit and hasn't looked back. He traded in the pits for a couple years and then "from screen." Now he's the managing partner of a Chicago-based hedge fund.

Why did I start Leavitt Brothers?

It was a classic "scratch your own itch" situation. Leavitt Brothers is the site I was looking to join but couldn't find. Dozens of hours of research every week to find good tradable setups is absolutely necessary for a beginner, but once you get pretty good and narrow your focus and trading style, cutting back on the all-nighters becomes a top priority. When I reached this point (being profitable but spending way too much time finding trading ideas) I went looking for a couple stock picking services that would offer me good setups at a reasonable price. I wasn't looking for my hand to be held or a lot of hype - I just wanted a handful of good setups every week that I'd funnel through my own criteria. But my search turned up empty. I subbed to a few stock picking services and newsletters, but none were very good. With a little entrepreneurial kick I thought: "Hey this might be a business. Certainly there are other traders out there looking for good setups to play but either don't want to do the research, don't know how or just don't have time, and they'd be willing to pay a small monthly fee to have it done for them." And that was the beginning. It was the site I was looking for but couldn't find.

What Leavitt Brothers is…

Leavitt Brothers is a research company that provides market analysis (via daily and weekly reports) and trading ideas to hedge funds, financial advisors and full- and part-time independent traders.

Technical analysis is used to determine the major and minor trends and the staying power of those trends and to determine the market's leading and lagging sectors. With this information, daily and weekly reports are published each week, and the universe of tradable stocks is narrowed to a short list of top candidates.

What Leavitt Brothers is not…

Leavitt Brothers is not an investment advisor; specific buy and sell commands are not offered. As stated above, our subscribers are provided with a list of very good trading candidates, but they ultimately have to make their own decisions.

What Subscriptions are Available?

LeavittBrothers.net is a sister service of LeavittBrothers.com

LeavittBrothers.com is a full research company offering trading ideas and market analysis to the financial community. A message board also enables the sharing of ideas among members. But there was a desire to unbundle the offerings and allow subscribers to pick and choose what they subscribed to instead of being "forced" to subscribe to everything. Hence, LeavittBrothers.net was born. The weekly report, daily reports or trading ideas can be subscribed to individually.

If you have any questions, email me at Jason (at) leavittbrothers.com.

Jason Leavitt
Founder, Head of Research
Creator of
Jason Leavitt's Masterclass in Trading